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East Lansing Housing Rehabilitation Program

If you are a resident of East Lansing, it may excite you to hear about the Housing Rehabilitation and Improvement Program. This program, also referred to as the Rehab Program, provides eligible residents with zero percent interest loans to improve their homes. The Hometown Housing Partnership (HHP) uses funds from HUD to connect financially eligible individuals with the financing to improve their living situation.

Who is eligible for the East Lansing Rehab Program?

  • East Lansing residents who are 80% or below the median income guidelines set out by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Residents who live in their home. Rentals do not apply.
  • Residents who are current on their mortgage, home owner’s insurance and property taxes.
  • Residents whose homes are not located in a floodplain.
  • Residents whose homes are single family residences.
  • Residents whose homes are located within the East Lansing city limits.

The program offers loans of up to $24,999. The loan must be first put towards any code compliance issues that are related to structural, electrical, mechanical or plumbing defects. After these are corrected, you can put the money towards improving your home’s security and weatherization, which can save you future utility expenses. Repayment of the loan does not require monthly payments (Yay!) and is 50% forgivable after 7 years and 50% deferred.

How do I apply for the East Lansing Housing Rehabilitation Program?

  • Gather the necessary paperwork. To prove eligibility you will need to provide the HHP with the previous year’s Federal Income Tax return, pay stubs for employment verification and bank statements.
  • Fill out an application. Staff at the Hometown Housing Partnership can help you complete the application.

To learn more about the East Lansing Housing Rehab Program visit the City of East Lansing’s website.

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