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Selling Your Home By the Season

Homes look and feel very different from month to month. The lovely three seasons room might be the perfect sunlit reading nook in August, but a frigid cave in January. These major transitions in weather can have a huge impact on how buyers experience your home during showings and open houses. To increase the likelihood of a successful sale, prepare and stage your home for its best face in every season.

Spring Staging

Spring is a great time to sell your home because it’s all about new beginnings and many people are ready to shirk off the old in favor of something different. This means transitioning your home from a winter hideaway to a Spring oasis.

  • Brighten everything. Open windows, replace burned out light bulbs and replace any heavy curtains, rugs and bedding with lighter, Spring hues. Think whites, light yellows and pastels.
  • Plant flowers and bring fresh flowers into your home to give off the scents and energy of Spring renewal.
  • Clear out the winter clutter so create more space and a feeling of openness. Maybe even have a garage sale or take a trip to your local thrift store to drop off unwanted goods.

Summer Staging

In the summer, we’re thinking outdoor barbecues, dips in the pool and leisurely naps under a shaded backyard tree. If your home is on the market during the hot, steamy months put your efforts into making it summer savvy.

  • Maintain your landscaping so that flowers are fresh and bright (not dried and wilting), long grass and weeds are eliminated to deter nesting bugs and no plants are running totally wild making your lawn more jungle than picnic area.
  • Get your deck ready for entertaining with a good power wash, new coat of stain and a thorough cleaning of patio furniture. You might even add more ambiance to this area with tiki torches, an above ground fire pit or other deck decor.
  • Turn on the AC or get the fans going full blast so that prospective buyers are cool and comfortable when they walk through your home. No one wants to pay for a hundred thousand dollar sauna to spend their summer sweating away in.
  • Make the indoors feel light and summery with brightly colored beach towels in baskets, fresh flowers on table tops and lighter colored drapes, rugs and other decor.

Fall Staging

As summer winds down and Autumn brings our first crisp mornings, many people begin to long for the feelings and images of fall. These might include bonfires, holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, root vegetables and darker hues.

  • Use scent to give your home an Autumn touch. Bake a cinnamon apple pie or burn a pumpkin scented candle.
  • Give buyers a unique experience by leaving out cups of apple cider or pumpkin flavored cookies for showings or open houses.
  • Decorate with oranges, golds and reds to bring the colors of Autumn from the outdoors to the indoors. You might add pumpkins to your front steps or choose hand towels and rugs in dark gold and red colors.
  • Make sure the heat is on if the weather has turned cold to ensure that buyers feel warm and cozy while traipsing through.

Winter Staging

When it’s cold outside, people long for warmth and creature comforts. You want to decorate and prepare your house to offer prospective buyers a warm sanctuary.

  • Turn the heat up, but don’t blast it to the point where people get overly hot. Find a nice, warm temperature that feels soothing when they come in from the cold.
  • Increase the temp and the ambiance by turning on fireplaces and showcasing a perfect place to warm up in snowy February.
  • Clear the sidewalks, driveways and stairways of snow. Sprinkle salt and break up any ice that has formed in areas that buyers might walk.
  • Keep areas that get especially messy in the winter like mudrooms and entryways clean of debris, but plentiful with hooks for winter coats and rugs for wiping snowy boots.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the Greater Lansing or East Lansing areas of Michigan and would like more tips of staging or are looking for a qualified Realtor, please contact me at MyRealtorRob. As an East Lansing realtor that is more than familiar with the changing Michigan seasons, I can help you present your home in the most positive light for every season.