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Work Remote Like A Pro

Tips and tricks to make the most out of your home-based work environment.

Let’s face it: a lot of us have had to work from home at some point over the past few months. In fact, a few of you may have been working remote pre-pandemic (or plan to continue to work from home in the future). As nice as it is to roll out of bed and start the day in our pijamas, the truth remains: there are many contributing factors to remote fatigue. Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid at-home burnout, and we’re here to pass them along!

  1. Make a routine. This is such a simple step, but it is essential when considering the success of your working environment. In the beginning stages of remote work, it was easy to clock in at random times of the day, and have one (or ten) baking breaks. But the distractions of home and comfort can form unhealthy habits, and may leave you feeling overwhelmed, unorganized, and stressed. Creating a routine can help to alleviate a frazzled mindset, and creates a backbone for organization, control, and peace of mind. Try to coordinate a sleep schedule, and map out your breaks for your day the night before. This will help you to stick to your tasks and give you a break time to look forward to, as opposed to checking your phone (and the fridge) every few minutes.
  2. Have a designated office space. A home office isn’t a luxury every home-owner can afford (or so you think…). However, you can still save a designated space in your home for your work. It’s important to have a specific “work zone” in your home, that way you’re able to separate work-life from home-life, and it will ultimately give you a sense of being at the office. Try to make a work area near a window so that you’re able to have some natural light and fresh air to breathe. Spice up your desk with pictures, plants, candles, and more to make it an environment you enjoy spending time in! You can even check out online platforms like Facebook Marketplace to find office desks and furniture for an affordable price!
  3. Have healthy/soothing distractions and breaks. Breaks are extremely important to your work day. Scheduling time away from your desk and phone will help to refresh your mindset and limit your risk of burn-out and fatigue. Have music breaks – jam out to your favorite tunes and have a moment to think of nothing but the music. Listening to your favorite songs can boost your mood and even spark some creativity. You can also get outside! Go for a walk around the neighborhood, bask in the sun – do anything to move and get on your feet. It’s always good to give your body a break from sitting all day. And last but certainly not least, make yourself a snack and take time to enjoy the food and flavor—and try not to stare at a screen while doing so. In short: stop and smell the roses, and recognize that your work will be ready for you when you get back to it.

Let us know if you tried out any of these tips and tricks! If you’re looking for a home that can accommodate the remote work environment you need, be sure to check out our current listings. The options–much like your potential and success–are endless!