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Top 5 State Parks in Michigan to Visit

A list of the top five state parks in Michigan based off of Trip Advisor Reviews

It’s no secret that Michigan is filled with beautiful landscapes and environments, and if there’s anything quarantine has taught us, it’s that we’ve taken our freedom to explore the great outdoors for granted. When’s the last time you took a family trip to a Michigan state park? When have you last “vacationed” in-state? How many state parks can you name in Michigan? If you’re feeling at a loss with these questions, never fear–we have a list of five top-rated state parks curated for YOU, so you can plan your next escape stateside and socially distanced **(BUT, be sure to grab a Recreation Passport before you do, because it is required prior to any park entrance!!)**

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. First stop, Pictured Rocks. We have this incredible, nationally recognized park right in our backyard, and it would be a shame to never see it in person. There are tons of wonderful options and activities this landscape offers alongside its incredible views. For example, you can rent kayaks to get up close to this beautiful geology. There are endless trails that lead along the gorgeous views. You can walk along the sandy shores of Lake Superior, witness grand waterfalls, and climb the Michigan dunes. The options are endless at this immaculate park, so don’t wait to plan a trip to Munising as soon as you can!  

Presque Isle Park. Next stop, Marquette. Presque Isle Park has an impressive list of attractions, and you won’t want to miss out on the “Pure Michigan” views this park has to offer. From cliff-jumping, to rock climbing, to the refreshing breeze of unsalted water—you are sure to bask in the beauty of this northern environment with total peace and tranquility.

Ludington Waterfront Park. This spot won’t lead you into any roads less traveled, but you WILL be able to enjoy the beautiful shore views of Ludington and the Pure Marquette Lake on paved sidewalks with additional sculptures and works of art. Ludington itself is a gorgeous place to visit, and you’ll be walking on cloud nine as you stroll through the Waterfront Park with an ice cream cone in hand.  

Lakenenland Sculpture Park. This park is surely unconventional, but equally intriguing and unique. Open 24/7 with free admission, Lakenenland Sculpture Park is located in Marquette, and offers a variety of sculptures and spunky attractions that are sure to evoke conversation, contemplation, and memories. This is an easy place to stop at after visiting Presque Isle, and will definitely provide a source of entertainment and fun for you and the family.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Located in Mears, Michigan, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes have been known to many as one of the most beautiful locations in Northern Michigan. Located on the Lake Michigan shoreline, these dunes bring endless beauty, love, and ease to their visitors. You’re bound to love and appreciation when the sun meets the sand, so grab your camera and hit the dunes as soon as you can!