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Create Your Dream Interior

Tips on trying your hand at interior design to amplify your own style at home

Whether you’re looking for space to fill or have too much clutter in your space, one thing is for certain in either scenario: you are not 100% satisfied with the interior look and feel of your home. Interior design plays such a key role in our comfort, mindset, and productivity, but even with this known fact, many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to actually redesigning their space. If this sounds like you, never fear! We have tips and tricks for you that offer advice on where to start, and how to upgrade those rooms that you’ve been avoiding for months, or even years.Start Small. Try to tackle small projects instead of mapping out upgrades for your entire home. Maybe try your hand at clearing that desk that has been unorganized for a while. Or color-code your closet. Small projects help you to tackle things with time, and before you know it, your space will be organized and clean, and ready for the next level!

Lighting and Reflections. Lighting creates ambiance in an instant, and you can use this to your advantage. For instance, you can add different lamps to your room, or even change the bulbs to add a different hue to the light that emits. If your room feels dark, try switching out dark shades for light-colored curtains that allow more light to come through. You’d be surprised how much of a difference this makes! Mirrors have as much power as light, and if your space feels small and crowded, try adding large statement mirrors to your wall – before you know it, your room will feel more open and dimensional.   

Let it Grow. If you have décor or furniture that just isn’t doing it for you, switch out these pieces for plants and greenery. Not only does this add a natural element to your space, but also gives you the benefits of added oxygen, increased productivity and concentration while decreasing stress.

Pops of color. Statement pieces are always a sure bet when it comes to interior design, and pops of color could be the exact thing your room needs to make this possible! With a can of paint, you could create an accent wall, repaint the trim, or change the color of an old dresser. Whatever you choose to upgrade, you’ll be drawing the eye to certain areas of your room, and adding a modern and sharp look to your space.

These are only a few suggestions to jump start your creativity and motivation, but there are countless ways to make your dream interior possible. When in doubt, pin it out – Pinterest is FULL of DIY ideas and mood boards that can spark your interest, and having images and looks to model after could be the one thing that’s missing from this recipe for success. Whatever’s on your dream list, it’s possible, and it’s only a few steps away.