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Boost Property Value and Sell Your Home FAST: 7 Updates Your Home Might Be Missing

Selling a home can be a long and difficult process – but it shouldn’t be.

In fact, many first-time sellers miss out on the ease and enjoyment of a sale because they are fraught with anxiety and stress. (Who wouldn’t be, with the loads of information that come flying from left and right?)

When searching for ways to improve the value of a home, it’s hard to know where to start.

But we can calm that noise a bit, because truthfully, upping your market price isn’t as hard as it seems.

With these seven small and easy fixes, you can boost your property value without spending an arm and a leg. These tips have been proven time and time again to help our buyers, and we want them to help you too!

1. Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your home is critical: I can’t stress this enough. It all comes down to love at first sight, and you want to make the best first impression to your potential buyers. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a facelift, either! You can simply keep your lawn mowed, store hoses neatly, remove or replace any dead or dying plants, add some colorful blooming flowers to your garden beds, or even paint or wash railings, storm drains, screens, and doors. You’d be surprised to see how much of a difference these cost-effective measures can make on the look and feel of your exterior.

2. Update on a Budget

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important features of a home, and due to this, they can also greatly improve or decline a home’s value. Now, we’re not saying you have to do a complete remodel of these rooms (in fact, we advise the opposite because that’s not always necessary and usually won’t be a wise use of your funds). However, you can still update on a budget. For example, try replacing an old appliance, or changing out an old toilet. You could even upgrade the countertops in your kitchen! These small changes could be the selling point of your home, and could significantly cut down your time on the market.

3. De-Clutter

Clutter be gone! Once you’ve de-cluttered, de-clutter again. You should aim to make your home décor as lean and clean as a model home. In fact, you could walk through some model homes on your own time to get an idea of simple staging techniques that could be replicated in your own space. Limiting distractions and disorganization allows buyers the freedom to imagine their own lives in this space, which is essential to any quick and smooth sale.

4. Let There Be Light!

Bright homes sell quick. If you have dark rooms in your home, you should consider removing any wallpaper to brighten up the space with a light-colored paint. Try to stick to a neutral color palette so that your potential buyers can play with the space in their own mind. You can thank us later!

5. Make Defects Disappear.

The small (but obvious) defects in your home aren’t as insignificant as you may think… in fact, some buyers may feel that these minor flaws are hiding bigger issues, or worse yet – they may ask for significant discounts for repairs that won’t actually cost much money to fix on your own. If you have broken tile, a torn screen, a cracked driveway or chipped paint, try mending these problems as much as you can to eliminate any stress or financial strain in the long run.

6. Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet is old, dated, stained, or tattered, you may want to consider a professional clean or replacement (if you consider the latter, remember to keep the colors neutral). Or, if you have hardwood floors underneath, you may be able to get away with stripping the carpet and cleaning up the floors. Even if they aren’t perfect, a buyer will probably prefer a clean look to a dirty carpet!

7. Ring Your Realtor.

When in doubt, call us out! Contacting your realtor is always a safe bet, and if you ask them to complete a curb-to-curb check up with you, they can best advise you for your market conditions, price point, and recommended improvements for your individual property sale. We know the market better than anyone, and we also know that you deserve to make the best sale (with as little stress as possible). Let us help you!

Your home is sure to reach its highest market and profit potential with these small and easy improvements, and we’d love to help you get there.

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