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Stress-Free Showings

How to handle last-minute house showings without any stress or panic

House showings are exciting for many reasons — but if we’re all being honest with ourselves, we can forget about the excitement during the stress and panic of a last-minute showing. 

If you follow these three simple steps, you won’t have to scramble the next time your realtor calls you with the news. Preparation is key, and you are capable (and deserving) of stress-free showings, no matter when they happen.

1. Stick to a routine.

Life can be messy. With the exhaustion of the day-to-day, clutter piles up in every corner of the house. It’s inevitable! Or is it?

Sticking to a daily or weekly routine is essential when it comes to showings. Creating healthy and clean habits that can minimize your daily stress is something everyone should take part in, regardless of their lifestyle or situation. For example, if you get into the habit of immediately washing your dishes, putting shoes away, and organizing your closets and drawers, you’ll feel more at peace and won’t have as much to do if a last-minute call pops up. Maintaining organized and clean habits is good for your mental health as well, and will keep you out of the panic zone whenever a showing is on the horizon.

Try to keep a couple of spare bags and boxes ready to go, that way you can store the daily clutter in these containers and hide them away in closets (or take them with you) when you have to leave for a showing. Beyond these measures, you can stick to a weekly cleaning schedule, making sure to vacuum common areas and organize tabletops on a regular basis. Maintaining these regular cleaning habits will greatly minimize the amount of work you’d have to do if you weren’t already chipping away at these chores throughout the week. 

2. Know where to go.

Leaving for a showing can be more stressful than the preparation period! Take the time to list out potential areas and locations you can escape to during the showing, and be sure to have a “go bag” ready with any and all materials you may need: your wallet, snacks, any work you can bring on the go, fun games to play, or even a journal.

You can take this time away to focus on your work, or treat yourself to family or “me” time. Take a walk around the neighborhood, call a friend, brainstorm ideas for your next conference call, meditate — the sky’s the limit! Bottom line: take this time to decompress from any stress you may have about the showing itself. Who says you can’t enjoy your time away? 

3. Have a morning ritual. 

There are a few things you can do when you first wake up to immediately sensitize your surroundings. If you stick to these rituals each morning, you’ll not only be more prepared for your next showing, but you’ll also feel more at peace in your own home!

Take the time to open all the blinds and curtains in your home. Letting in that natural light will brighten your home in countless ways, and will leave you feeling more refreshed and awake throughout the day.

Make all the beds. This is essential, and presents such a polished and put-together look of a home. This small task doesn’t take much time either, but it will save you many moments of strain by limiting any extra burdens to tackle when a showing comes your way. 

Wipe down surfaces every morning/night. This will keep your home clean and fresh, and is especially essential during this era of COVID. Be sure to wipe down door handles and cabinet knobs before and after showings to minimize any spread of germs. It’s best for everyone, and will also leave you (and your home) feeling more refreshed!

In all reality, last-minute showings should never be a panic-induced experience, and if you stick to these three steps, you’ll feel ready and prepared to take on each day, and your visiting prospects will appreciate the cleanliness and organization of your beautiful home.